The Story of Fia

Take the High Ground with Fia, the luxurious new apparel brand from Fiona Sheehan.

Rooted in Fiona’s native Ireland, Fia is inspired by the rugged landscapes where wild Irish red deer roam rolling hills and mountains, thick with lush heather and gorse. Fia, meaning ‘deer’ in Irish, also represents Fiona and her daughter Anna, who has steadfastly supported her mum in creating this authentic new brand.

Fia builds on Ireland’s proud history as renowned weavers, ethically sourcing the highest quality natural textiles to create a signature line of clothing and accessories for the discerning individual. Crafted with the softest lambswool and finest tweeds, Fia’s debut collection is imbued with the rich tones of Ireland’s countryside, reflecting the ever-changing hues of the Irish seasons.

Designed for those who value quality and individuality, the Fia range is tailored to last. Sustainability is core to the brand’s beliefs and Fia is committed to minimising its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. When you take the high ground with Fia you can be safe in the knowledge that you are investing in premium quality slow fashion that will stand the test of time.

Meet the Sheehans

Fiona Sheehan
Hi, I’m Fiona, also known as Fi. I’ve been so fortunate to grow up in Ireland, a creative little nation, steeped in the tradition of weaving and spinning. I am deeply passionate about sourcing natural products from ethical suppliers and committed to bringing them to you. I hope Fia inspires a deep curiosity and appreciation of quality Irish slow fashion.
Anna Sheehan
Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve travelled with my mom on business since I was three months old so it’s fair to say I’ve been in this industry all my life. Growing up in the Irish countryside I feel blessed and proud to be immersed in Irish culture and nature while also having had opportunities to expand my horizons and travel the world . My deep concerns for the environment have influenced how we do things at Fia. Outside of the office I am a college student with a passion for languages and learning. I am fluent in Irish and Spanish, study Italian, politics, and history. I’m happiest when I’m not taking myself too seriously and gigging with my band.

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